Your Comic Journey course

Your Comic Journey is my 10 week mentored course that takes you through the entire comic making process in clear steps.

You will start with a blank page and by the end of the course you will have made your own short comic.
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Get a roadmap

We will go through a clear process, step by step, that will help you make comics now, and in the future.

Live classes

Weekly lessons with practical content, feedback and exploration of your own journey with comics.

Everyone can make comics

Break through your barriers and gain the confidence that you can create your own stories.

What do you want to make?

We will explore what stories you would like to tell and how to do it in the way that fits you and your schedule.

The future

In 10 weeks we will explore what you need to get to a finished comic. Learn to set yourself up for success for your next project!

The course is mostly live. And you will be mentored by me and your fellow students throughout the experience.

The course features some rerecorded lessons with all the info on comics you need to get started. We will then have live mentored sessions with the chance to ask all your questions, get feedback on your comic’s progress and we will do some fun live exercises. In these feedback sessions we will look at how your comic is progressing and where I and your fellow students can provide you with feedback to improve.

You will make your comic through the weekly assignments.

Since the course is only 10 weeks and we will go through the entire comic process in depth, you will end up with a short, complete, comic of around 1 to 3 pages.

Here is what my students have to say about Your Comic Journey:

The “Your Comic Journey” course was so inspiring! Henrike’s knowledge, encouragement, and kindness helped me stay on track and finish my first real comic! ^_^ It was exactly what I needed and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make comics, but feels stuck and overwhelmed.

Bethany Pyles

To read Bethany’s comic, “Thistles,” click the image

Your Comic Journey was awesome, and Henrike’s positivity and love for comics shined through the whole course! She guided me over the finish line of my project by always being the reassuring and down-to-earth voice needed during the emotional roller-coaster that is a comic. If you have issues finishing anything, this one is for you! You’ll feel energised to tackle more projects, and Henrike’s focus on solving your problems in a personal way will teach you a transferable processes that will work for you, and make you more resilient when working on new projects. 10/10, would recommend!

Myrjam van de Vijver

Comic_Myrjam_van_de_Vijver_Rainas_magic touch
To read Myrjam’s comic, “Raina’s Magic Touch, ” click the image.


For who is this course?

The course is designed for everyone who wants to make comics. For who wants to know more about the process of making them, who wants to try it out and see if it’s for them.

A lot of artists are waiting for the “right time” to start making comics. A lot of them never start. Or they don’t know where to begin.
The course aims to show you that making comics doesn’t need to be a gigantic, tough process. Or something only reserved for “Really Good Artists.” Everyone can make comics.

Do I need to be an experienced artist or writer to take the course?

This course focuses on the basics of comics so you will know how to make one when you’re done. We will go through all of the steps together. I believe that everyone can make comics, even if all you can draw is stick figures. However, a basic understanding of drawing might help.

As for writing, I will help you with making a story in the course. We will even dive into coming up with ideas and how to keep your story simple.

What do I need to be able to do the course?

For following the lessons you will need a stable internet connection that can stream video, a microphone and camera so you can interact during the lessons. You can follow the lessons on your phone of tablet as well. We will use a program called Zoom for live lessons.

For making your comic you can have something as simple as pen/pencil and paper. I do recommend a stack of paper, post it notes and a black pen (fineliner, small marker) to start out with.

For your final comic, find materials and tools you are comfortable using, but also don’t go out and buy all kinds of expensive tools and materials. You can use what you have. If you decide during the course that you want to make your comic with a specific kind of tool you can go out and buy it then.

When will the live sessions take place?

Since this is a mentored course it will depend on where the current students are coming from and what the best time is for everyone. If we all live in wildly different time zones I might split the group into two.

Will the live lessons and sessions be recorded?

Yes, every session will be recorded and uploaded into Thinkific for you to watch if you can’t make it to one (though attending the lessons is highly encouraged). Only your current class of fellow students can see these videos. Downloads will not be available.

How long does the course run for?

The course will run for 10 weeks. Every week is focused on one step in the comic making process: from ideas to writing to drawing. We will also talk about what your goals for your comic are and how you can put it out into the world.

We will aim to all be finished with our comic at the end of the course. But the lessons and sessions will stay available to you, after the course ends.

How much time does the course take?

The course is made up of four components:

  • The pre-recorded videos you will watch before the lesson with all the practical information on comics you need.
  • The live sessions with the entire group (or split in two if we’re in different time zones) where you can ask your questions and you will get feedback on your ideas, story and your comic itself.
  • If the whole group is too big we will have smaller, separate feedback groups where we can focus solely on the feedback.
  • Apart from the lessons you will make a short comic in your free time.

The total amount of the info and classes will be around 3 hours a week. The amount of time you put in after class depends on what you want your comic to look like and how much time you have for it. The more time you have, the more elaborate you can make your comic. But even if you have a limited amount of time, you can still make a simple comic.

I’d recommend to have at least 2,5 to 3 extra hours a week you can set aside for your comic. You might need a little more or a little less, depending on the lessons and the decisions you make about your comic’s style.

A big part of the course is dedicated to figuring out how much time you are able to spend on comics. So we’re flexible in that.

When will the course start?

I am aiming of opening the doors to Your Comic Journey again in 2023.

Start and finish a comic project in 10 weeks and get a blueprint on how to make your own comics again and again.