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What’s next for Pencils & Stories?

Welcome back!

As you might have noticed (or not!): I dropped off the radar for a period of time.

In short: medical issues, technical issues, financial issues… all the issues.

I got overwhelmed by all the things life had put on my plate and that I, myself, had put on my plate. I did too much at the same time and I even started being too hard on myself again for not being able to do everything that I wanted.

Not smart.

I got some great advice from workshops and coaching. I got my medical stuff sorted out and now I’m BACK! And with a new strategy to boot!

I now have a clear path to take to go for the things I want to make:

– Short and sweet bite-sized videos on my Youtube channel.
– More behind the scenes of my comic on both Youtube and Instagram and Twitter and giving you the usual text snippets and small Instagram stories.
– Weekly emails to my email list!
– Updating Recollection City in chuncks on instead of a weekly page.
– Opening a Gumroad shop and having some paid goodies for you as well.

I was doing too many BIG things all at once. I try and focus on smaller things that matter now, and I chop things up more. I also ditched some ideas and social media platforms.

Of course I am still available to you for mentoring, if you’re looking for a big resource on making personal projects.I also want to start working towards teaching my course, Your Comic Journey, again this year.

A lot of exciting things to come! I feel more energized now that I made things more manageable for myself. And now that my health woes are over, hopefully, I am looking to the future with more confidence!

If you want to hear me talk about my plans for Pencils & Stories then watch the video below:

Share in the comments: how do you keep things manageable for yourself?

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