Overcoming obstacles


Hello everyone!

It`s been a while. It`s good that not many people are following me at the moment, it`s been awfully quiet here. I`ve been trying to make more free time for drawing but other things got in the way.
It`s not that I`ve done nothing though. 🙂 Here is an example: a speedpainting I`ve done a while ago. Why so small you ask? Because it looks dumb at bigger size. When you see it this small it looks actually realistic. 😀 You can click on it for a bit of a larger size though.

I`ve also updated this blog. The page about the graphic novel has been updated and I added some subpages like “story” and “cast”. I also set some art- and script-goals for my Janaija project, still had to do a lot of design. (characters, settings, clothing etc.)
I`ll post an update about that in a few days.

Thanks for watching again! 🙂 Have a nice week!

– Henrike


  1. It doesn’t look dumb at bigger size! I think it’s great. 🙂 Didn’t know you also draw these kind of things. Did you paint from an example or just by heart? 🙂

    • pencilsandstories Reply

      haha, yeah I meant on even BIGGER size it doesn`t! And this was totally referenced! 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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