This week I have been focussing on working on my portfolio so I haven`t been able to participate in InkTober, except for monday, on which I drew a scene from CS Lewis’ Narnia books: Lucy discovering the land behind the wardrobe. Here it is:

I have also participated in a contest for the Master Lecture, a day organized by Wouter Tulp, an awesome illustrator from the Netherlands. He brought artists John Nevarez (concept artist for Pixar and Rovio to name a few) and Stephen Silver (a caricature artist and character designer, he worked for the Disney Channel, where he worked on designing the show “Kim Possible”) to Rotterdam to talk about their journeys in art so far, their mindset, their techniques and to answer some questions and do some demo`s. Of course Wouter gave a lecture of his own as well.

I will go into more detail on that next week. I`m still processing everything that I heard. But here is the illustration I made based on the phrase “secret Identity”:

The story is about a dryad and a unicorn pony living in our world, but who disguise themselves during the day, trying to brighten the day of children with a disability. I didn`t win anything, but the important part for me was finishing it on time for the deadline and participating.

The lectures were amazing and so inspiring. I also learned some new things and made some new friends.
These kind of things don’t come around much in the Netherlands so I’m really grateful Wouter put in all that work to organize such a great event.

What have you been up to this week? Let me know!

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