Here it is, the last blogpost of 2013. I wish you all a very good 2014 and I hope to bring you all interesting content in 2014!

Here is a recap of what I did in 2013 and a look at what I am planning for 2014.
I hope to post much more drawings and actual work in progress of both Reminiscence and my portfolio.

There will be a small gap in the progress in February and March as I am then doing Painting Drama 2, the sequel of Chris Oatley`s course on composition and colour. (This time it`s all about colour!) I will see if I have some things I can post about the course but in case I can`t I will have some art features and an occasional post of mine planned, so the blog will still be updating. I am planning on experimenting a bit with the blog, with the length of the articles especially, but like I said, I hope to post more drawings anyway.

Now, what have I been doing in 2013?
I still had trouble getting back into my art for a big part of 2013. It wasn`t after I made a small movie for my sister`s wedding, visited one of my Oatley Academy classmates and started blogging in October that I noticed some serious improvement in productivity. The movie teached me to just start working, even though I was intimidated by all the work. The holiday with my classmate Tanja Janc in Slovenia really helped me see how I was sabotaging my passion for art making by not taking it too seriously and the blogging helped me practice consistency and showing up and “shipping” as Seth Godin calls it.

About Reminiscence, here`s a chart I made that shows the progress on “pre-production” work, in this case, story and design. I forgot to mention that I have established a drawing style for this story and how I`m going to do the line art. The colouring method is still open to change.

And here are my plans for Reminiscence in 2014:

For my portfolio I have some plans as well. I already have a few ideas about what I want to put in there so all I need to do is to plan the next action and START.

Here`s to a great 2014!

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