Hi everyone! Sorry for the late post, life`s a bit crazy at the moment.

Here is my homework assignment of week 6 of the Oatley Academy. This was a great assignment! We had to make a colour script of a black and white movie. I was assigned Casablanca, I love this movie!
Here is what I have so far:

I need to revisit it since it didn`t get finished (first few panels took me a really long time so I switched to another technique) and I got some great feedback that I can use to make it better.

One thing I learned is that you have got to have a reason for every colour you use. It`s also incredible hard to make it interesting but still real. I have a bit too many coloured walls and could use much more of the colours of objects or clothing itself to tell the story instead of tinting everything a certain colour. I hope I`ll have time to fix this in the coming weeks but I might have to save it for when Painting Drama 2 is over.

Speaking of Painting Drama, Chris Oatley will reopen a new serie of Painting Drama 1 soon! This will be your chance to start with the series and have your mind blown (BIG TIME)! Subscribe to Chris` email newsletter on his website since it`s the best way to hear about it if you`re not already in the Oatley Academy.

A note for the coming blogposts: I`m taking a hiatus for the coming three weeks because of a holiday, Easter, the wrap up of Painting Drama 2 and a switch to a new computer.. I hate to break my “blog every week” streak, but I kind of need the brain space.

After I return I`ll continue my work on the Reminiscence comic, my portfolio and the movie series. See you then! Have a great few weeks and connect with me on Facebook or Twitter if you want to talk!

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