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Oatley Academy week 5

This was the result of the Painting Drama 2 homework this week. We were supposed to make four paintings, each with a different lighting and atmosphere. But I was short in time to work on the course this week. We have a break right now so I hope to do some catch up, but we have a pretty epic assignment as well so we’ll see how that plays out.

This is a scene from the Reminiscence prologue:

timeofday_magichour_blogAlso look at the gorgeous reference on the Pinterest board of my classmate Shawna Tenney that I was invited to pin on. In fact, I plan to blog about using reference next week.

See you then!


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    Dag schat

    Je zit achter de p.c. Leuk. Wat vond je van de mol????? Lekker slapen straks kus

    • pencilsandstories/Henrike Reply

      Haha, verrassende ontknoping he? Bedankt voor je berichtje!

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