This week’s homework, featuring an analogous (meaning the colours are close to each other on the colour wheel) palette in light and dark:

I only had time to finish up the last one. I also wanted to add characters this week so the light painting features Anouk and the dark one Robbie and Ivory. It was fun to try and match the actual colours of their clothing with only the limited palette. I think it works.

I don’t usually paint very much, so it still takes me a lot of time to polish everything. Getting rid of the lineart and keep it as a guide instead of letting it dictate all the edges in my painting is a challenge. But I took my own decision of last week to heart and just worked my way through it. I like the result even though I see a lot of room for improvement. But I see more and more that that’s a good problem to have.

See you next week for something different again!

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