Hello all!

A little update today. Here are the scribble paintings I did for the Oatley Academy last week. I did something that`s totally new to me: drawing monsters.

First one is a mashup between Jule Verne`s book “20.000 Leagues Under the Sea” and Scandinavian mythology. That`s why captain Nemo isn`t fighting a shark in this painting, but a sea serpent:

This was loads of fun, since I this was the first monster that I`ve ever drawn! I`m a sissy when it comes to scary things, haha. During research I looked at pictures of deep sea fish, dinosaurs and snakes. The deep sea fish, even though I find them incredibly cool, creeped me out though.

So, to balance, the second painting is something pretty:

This is inspired by some photos I took in Norway. Applied my own colour scheme to it.
Lot`s of room for improvement, but I`m learning a ton!

Have a great week! And let me know what you`re all up to!

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