Hey everyone,

So, the movie blogposts prove to be a lot more work than I anticipated and next to the Painting Drama 2 course this simple adds too much to my schedule, so something has to give. I really like the idea of the series though, so expect more to come…in a few weeks.

For now I`ll focus on blogging about my journey of being in the Painting Drama course of the Oatley Academy again at the moment.

So, colour.

I always loved colour, but always just went with my guts in using it. Which, often times, resulted in a kaleidoscope of hues all over my art, with no real thought behind it. So you can imagine my excitement in finally doing a crash course into colour. And knowing the previous Painting Drama lessons, I knew this could give me the tools to actually know what I`m doing when it comes to colour.

And it surely doesn`t disappoint!

We had to make a painting last week. My theme was “Winter Dawn.”
These are the thumbnails that I made before the painting:

And then I translated one into a scribbly painting. Getting the effect you want is harder this way, but I also really enjoyed it, it feels more like painting with gouache paint.

Here it is:

I learned so much from this one painting, from using colours and how to bring out forms and texture in just hard edged brush strokes. I had less trouble keeping the values since, when I start blending and mixing colours it can easily start to turn into a colour mud. So not being able to blend was great in this case. I only failed to get a sense of the soft, hazy atmosphere that`s usually present at dawn. But I`ll learn.

I`m having so many ideas now, for my portfolio, for the new blog layout I`m planning, for the Reminiscence comic… I`m really learning patience and planning ahead, as both are not my strongest points.
I need to focus on colour now, and colour only. But it`s opening up so many new possibilities for using the new techniques in my art that my mind is jumping from one thing to the next.
But it`ll have to wait. 😀

I hope this gives you some insight in what I`m doing at the moment. Of course I plan to apply all this in my portfolio and comic making journey. I`m still working on my Reminiscence thumbnailing in between, though it`s going a bit slower now. I love to finally see some of the story on paper in visuals (kind of) and I really hope Painting Drama 2 will help me through the next stages in a more smooth and economical way.

Have a great week, and see you next monday for another update!

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