Hello my friends,
It`s about time I updated the blog. As you can see I changed the layout, I was starting to dislike the old one and I think this change came out nicely. 🙂

Some great stuff happened lately! I`ve been accepted into the Oatley Academy for the course “Painting Drama” ! The course will focus on improving your compositions and structure of your drawings so they have more impact and that they enhance your storytelling.
Chris Oatley is a character designer at Disney, I might have mentioned his blogs before because I visit the Paperwings Podcast every week, which he co hosts with Lora Innes, creator of the Dreamer webcomic.  Their podcasts and Chris` artcasts offer great tips, insights and motivation. While I was going through a period in which I couldn`t get much artwork done and felt drained of all creativity, those podcasts really helped me getting back on track and at the same time slowing down and focusing on one thing at a time. While sorting all that stuff out I found out that I really want to pursue putting my work out there and telling the stories that I have in mind. And since I`ve got a lot to learn this is a great opportunity!
What I also love about the academy is that we have a Facebook group where all the students are and we`re really encouraged to connect and share. It`s all great and talented people out there and I`m already having a blast even though the classes haven`t started yet. A while ago I started wondering how I could connect more with other artists and share our work, critiques and struggles and this really feels like an answer to my prayer. I`m so thankful and excited to be a part of this, I plan on seizing this opportunity with both hands and learn as much as I can.

I hope to update the blog again soon with some sketches I`ve done over the past weeks. For now I`m tweaking the site some more, preparing for the class and there`s a little holiday coming up too so I don`t know when I`ll post again, but you can follow me on Twitter or sign up for email notification at the right of the blog if you want.

Take care everyone!
– Henrike

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