I recommend this Oatley Academy course to EVERYONE doing art. I`m learning so much, it`s crazy! And I`ve got a class full inspiring, awesome, lovely people. We`re all sharing our journey, struggles and art. Really great to have a circle of trust like that. You can only do so much on your own, and now I really notice the difference since I started this course. If you`re doing art or anything creative I can`t stress the importance of this enough.
Be it that you connect through social media, cons, websites, blogs…. or look for creative groups in your neighbourhood, just try it. I know from experience that this can be scary or intimidating, but I`m sure that if you put in some effort and try engaging with people that some day the right people and opportunities will come for you to connect with. Be yourself, be polite and just start sharing, do something for someone, follow people, comment etc. Sometimes you only need to know one person at the right moment, like what I experienced and doors will open to connect to even more people.

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