Still here! And I finally found a reason to blog.

This may sound funny coming from someone who is already blogging, but I feel like my last attempt wasn’t really going anywhere. I just posted when I felt like it and let other things get in the way of seriously trying this out.

As you can read in the new subtitle of my blog, I want to document the process of creating a webcomic and building a portfolio.
I was already keeping a written log for myself of what I was doing for my new comic, Reminiscence, but after talking to my friends and classmates of the Oatley Academy I realized I could make this far more interested for you all if I shared my work, and especially the process of this all, online.
Even if the comic isn’t ready for a while yet.
My goals for the coming time and for this blog are:

1 Document the full process of creating a webcomic here on
I hope this process will inspire fellow artists to work on their own projects and that other interested people will find this a nice look behind the scenes of the making of a comic and various illustrations in “real time”  so to speak.

2 Replace all the drawings currently under “art” for newer and more fleshed out illustrations that fit into the portfolio I want to have. (and also show this process here on the blog)

 I’m planning on updating at least once every two weeks if possible, starting in October. I already have some ideas for posts from the work I already did for the Reminiscence comic so I’m all set for the coming months. (I actually thought this thing through before starting this time)
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I’m looking forward to this! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

– Henrike

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