Hi folks!

Today I started a blog! Some of you might know me as HenrikeD from DeviantART, the Making Graphic Novels forum or somewhere else in the webcomic community.

I`m working on a graphic novel. So far I have four issues planned. The first one is called `the Old Road.`
If you want to follow my comic-making-process or want to see random drawings and sketches that I won`t upload on DeviantART, then subscribe to the RSS feed, sign up for email updates or add this blog to your favourites. 🙂

For some introduction, this is what the comic is about:

Suzan is a very normal girl, just dealing with her life, when she finds an old way into another world, slightly different from ours but also, in a way, very similar. Being transported to a damp rainforest, where there are lots of things going on, she and her friend Tessa either must find their way home, or try to adapt to life in `Janaija`.

The first issue is set primarily in the jungle, other issues feature more settings, other characters and focuses on one of the four main characters: Suzan, Tessa, Niels and Anouk.
I`ll try not to put too much spoilers of the story here or at least warn you if I do. 😀

Now, some of you might have seen the first page of the comic:

It got a Daily Deviation on DeviantART, which I`m still very proud of.

I plan to update this blog with more menu options that tell more about me and the comic.
Thanks for checking out my blog. Stay tuned for more!!

– Henrike

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