Life drawing – WW2 theme (Warning: NSFW content!)

I did some life drawing last saturday. The Facebookgroup Schetssessie 2.0 hosts life drawing sessions every month based on a certain theme. This month it was the Second World War. There were two men who gather all kinds of army related things from that period. They also do reenactments of WW2 to preserve this information about history. One of them was dressed in full German uniform, the other in the American uniform. Up to all the details and materials the soldiers were carrying. They gave us a  peek into the life of a soldier during that time and let us draw the uniforms and everything.

Then they did some poses for us:15-02 Life drawing soldiersAfter this a professional model came in and for an hour and a half she did some poses for us, using some of the  materials the other models brought with them. Some poses were short, others longer.

Just a heads up for those of you at work, these images feature a nude model!

Having no life drawing experience it was interesting to me to notice the difference in quality between the five minute poses and the ten minute ones. I think in these five minute poses I was focusing too much on speed instead of economy of lines and shapes. I tried to find a simple gesture in each but failed to look at things like gravity, proportions and anatomy:

15-02 Life drawing_5 minThis is not a bad thing, it’s good to get to know your weak spots. Rushing things is a recurring one for me. 🙂

There also were some 10 minute poses. I really liked this time span. It was enough to take it to a kind of finish without rushing, but still short enough to feel the time ticking away so you know to not go into too much detail.2015 02 Lifedrawing_10min.It was kind of a long trip to Breda but I think it was worth it and I had a great time. Drawing with live models who change poses really fast is a whole different challenge than drawing from photos. Highly recommended. I also met with some other artists as well.

If you like to see more examples of life drawing, these artists frequently posts their drawings from live models. I love how expressive and beautiful they are.

Thanks for visiting and, as always, take a look at last week`s creative prompts to see if there`s something that sparks a new idea for a drawing, painting, sculpture, photo or whatever you like to make. 🙂 See you next week!

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