Hello all!

A short blogpost for you today. In the next month I`ll be hard at work finishing my portfolio before CTNx and want to really dedicate the time to that. In between I might participate in this project:

More on that later.

I`ll be making the first few pages for Recollection City, since I want to gear my portfolio towards visual storytelling through comics and illustration. So that`s really exciting for me to finally see the finished look to this project on the screen and dive into the actual storytelling.
This will also be a great opportunity to track how much time I will spend on an actual page and afterwards I can give you my findings and tips about making the pages.

So I might be posting some work in progress for that and if all else fails, there`s always InkTober 2014.

What is that you ask? That`s a good question. Started in 2009 by Jake Parker, InkTober is a challenge to make an inked drawing every day (or in whatever interval you want) during the month October. It`s a celebration of the wonderful medium of ink  and a challenge to improve your skills and form drawing habits.

You can read more about it in the link above. It has four simple rules and the most important thing is consistency. It`s nice to look at Jake`s previous entries to spark ideas. You can post the drawings on social media using the hashtag #inktbober and look at other`s work.

Are you going to participate in InkTober?

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