Yes, you read that right. I’ll be putting this blog on a little hiatus. For one and a half years I have blogged mostly regular. Still the amount of readers is so low that now is a better time to do this than later on. It doesn’t have much risk of losing too many readers.

I have several reasons for the pause. I will be moving this blog to for starters. I will renew the design and make it more clear in it’s communication and I’ll make the posts more easy to find. There’s also a project I’m involved in that I can’t tell you too much about yet but that will take up some of my time. And I’d rather work on the comic in the free time I do have.

I might post some art when I finish it in between, but for now I won’t have the goal of posting here every week. I will keep updating the creative prompt posts and keep posting new prompts on Twitter and my Facebook art page. You can follow me there if you want.

I don’t know when the new blog will launch but in the meantime: keep on creating!

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