Projects and blogging plans for 2016

Hello everyone, this new post is meant to give you some updates about the blog and about making goals for 2016.

I wrote that last blogpost about priorities and then left this blog pretty much hanging for October and November. I became pretty busy with the CTNx expo happening again so I had to prepare for that. I’m also working on the story I made together with Mallory Carlson during the course “Oatley Academy Live.” (Now called “The Storytellers` Summit”) In this course, a group of six OA students were asked to make a new story from scratch, using the content of the course to have a live example for the students in OALive to follow along with. Our story is called “Emma and the Oofles” and I’m writing the story, while Mallory is drawing it. The basics of the story are in place and now we’re ready to start actually making it. You can follow the progress of this project on Tumblr and Facebook.

Now, about this blog. I thought of some new goals for the new year while taking into account the limited time I have with my current projects going on. I will be posting here less frequently and for now I think I will stick to one blogpost a month in a more serial way instead of blog about whatever is coming my way. This will help me focus more on making larger points in more smaller posts.

I have put the last months to use comic wise too and finished the first plage of the Recollection City comic! That’s super exciting to me. Page 2 – 20 are well on their way too. It feels good to finally actually produce pages next to writing and designing. Sometimes you realize you just have to start.

As for 2016, if you haven’t yet listened to this great podcast episode by Chris Oatley then please do! This might really help you gain some insight in setting realistic and doable goals.

For me, I have to divide my free art time into three main subjects: Recollection City, Emma and the Oofles and the blog. I want to try and do the following:

  1. Make one page of Recollection City every two weeks.
  2. Figuring out ways to speed up my process without the loss of much quality so I can eventually get to one page every week.
  3. Write one page for Emma and the Oofles every week.
  4. Do some thumbnailing for the page layout of EatO as well.
  5. Post to the blog every month.
  6. Make posts, using a maximum length. (most of my posts are very long and that might put people off)
  7. Do more to spread blogposts across the internet, revamp and repost shorter or splitted versions of my old blogposts and send out the newsletter too. In other words: getting things out there.

I will not be posting creative prompts in 2016, although you might still come across them on social media whenever I think of one spontaneously. I’d love to use the creative prompts of 2015 myself, but I didn’t want to add too many projects to my list. However, they might be good warm up material.

So you’ll see less of me here, but I will still be making blogs and in between posts you can follow me on social media to see what I’m working on.

What are your goals for 2016? Is there anything you want to make or finish? Share in the comments!


  1. Good for you to set so many different goals for 2016! Good luck!
    I have many goals myself, but the main part of them is: get my photography work out there and advertise/do marketing. 🙂 And workshops, yay!

    • Henrike Dijkstra Reply

      Those are some great goals! Thanks, you too! 😀

  2. Anne Fraker Reply

    Great post Henrique. I’ve signed up for your newsletter. 😃 Looking forward to read it.
    I’ve become a cyber hermit in the last 6 to 10 months, but recently I’ve decided to to come back up for airagain and be part of the community. I’ve had to shelve my comic project for a while but I am working on a new project: a children’s storybook about a little girl who’s artwork comes to life.
    My 2016 plans is to finish the story and have it illustrated. I will also be blog again and be more active on social platforms

    • Henrike Dijkstra Reply

      Thanks for your comment Anne! Those are great goals and your personal project on your site looks really good!
      Just for your information: I haven’t seen your subscription to the newsletter. Did you get the email to confirm? Thanks for your interest in my blog!

  3. Swell Post, this has been a great year for you Henrike! I suspect next year will be even greater, looking at your goals. Mine are:

    1. Work an hour each day to finish an animatic for my short for January / February end.
    2. Complete the outline and design explorations for my next book – begin the writing process around July, unless the short has been given it’s budget, then we’ll proceed with that production and delay writing the book.
    3. Apply and interview at enough places (I have a list) so I can possibly work on an animated feature again (and find a way to pitch my development ideas with them, as I have done with current and former companies ;))

    Let’s DO this thing!

    • Henrike Dijkstra Reply

      Wow those are great goals Scott! So many stories in the works. Do you an idea how to divide your team between all these projects? Good luck and here’s to a great 2016!

  4. Those are really good goals for 2016. I’ve decided for the first half of 2016 I’m just going to do daily sketches and post them while I accomplish other goals outside of art projects. The second half of 2016 I will be completing another short comic (108 pages max.) That I will serialize for 2017. I’m keeping things super simple for myself.

    • Henrike Dijkstra Reply

      Sounds good and really thought out Tiffany. Simple is always good, the less you need to think about it on a day to day basis and the more you can make it a habit the better.

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