Take the guesswork out of starting your own comic

Do you want to make your own comics, but is it hard to know where to start?

This PDF guides you, in checklist form, through all the steps of making a new (web)comic. From idea, to writing a good story, to design and making comic pages.

I also send out weekly emails, all about making comics.

Follow this checklist, step by step, and see your comic taking shape.

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    Henrike Dijkstra

    Webcomic author and content creator.

    Who am I?

    I'm Henrike, the person behind the "Pencils & Stories" blog and Youtube channel. I have made comics since I was little. After getting out of a long art block back in 2013, I started a blog to help others get unstuck. That evolved into a Youtube channel about making comics.

    I also teach courses about comics and mentor other comic artists and I am the creator of the webcomic "Recollection City."

    What will you learn?

    • A way to come up with and expand on your ideas.
    • How to outline your story.
    • What you need to figure out for your comic's layout and design.
    • The steps to making a comic page.