the Hobbit guessing game – dwarf eyes

For this game it`s assumed you know the names of all 13 dwarves in the Peter Jackson adaptation of Tolkiens` book “the Hobbit,” and you can keep the characters apart in the movie.

Can you match the eyes below to the characters from the film? (No cheating!)
Let me know in the comments!

dwarfeyesThis was a practise in drawing eyes. Since most dwarves have such an exaggerated set of eyebrows and face prosthetics I thought it would be helpful to see how different eyes can look. It was interesting to me how the (artificial) lighting was effecting the shadows in the eyes. I drew some shadows in places I`d never have thought to put them if I didn`t have the reference to draw from. It really helps you to break from the way you always do thing.

To learn more about using reference, go back to last weeks` article.

See you next week!


  1. No cheating huh? Well, let’s see. There are 16 pairs of eyes, so I would say 13 dwarves + Bilbo + Gandalf + …? Bard? Or Legolas. Hm….
    From left to right and up to down:
    1. Bard? 2. Bifur (the kind flute playing one)
    3. Gloin 4. Dwalin
    5. Kili 6. Oin
    7. Fili 8. Legolas?
    9. Bombur? 10. Balin
    11. Nori 12. Mr. Thornton, oh nooo! I mean Thorin. 😛
    13 Dori 14. The dwarvish speaking one, what’s his naaaaame! :s Bofur?
    15. Ori 16. Gandalf

    Pffff, I hope I got some right at least! 😉

    • pencilsandstories/Henrike Reply

      Haha, there are 5 right! Bofur (you siad Bifur but you meant Bofur) Kili, Oin, Ori and Gandalf.
      Legolas is not in here and you`re forgetting a very importent person from the movie. 😛

  2. 1.thorin 2.bofor 3.bilbo 4.bifor 5.kili 6.oin 7.dori 8.fili 9.bombor 10.nori. 11.gloin 12.balin. 13. bard 14.dwalin 15. gandalf

    • pencilsandstories/Henrike Reply

      Hi Alisha! Thanks for playing!
      You`ve got 4.Bofur, 5.Kili, 6.Oin, 7.Dori, 8.Fili, 10.Nori and 11.Gloin right! 😀

      Let me give you a hint: Bard is not in here. There is another character from the first movie in here (it`s pair of eyes no. 15)

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