The main feedback I got at CTNx was that my character designs looked stiff and I didn’t tell enough of a story with them, even in the basic designs it`s better to let the characters do something or react to something so we know what kind of character it is.
I also stayed fairly on the realistic side, with not much room for more exaggerated expressions.

Even though I consider my style to be at least somewhat cartoony, I`m not very experienced in exaggeration, pushing features and expression (both face and body). So my goal for the next months is to improve that.

Here`s some basic expressions for my character Ivory, who immediately presents a challenge since the character is very guarded and not very expressive unless she is agitated.
I have not yet tried and push everything more. I`m focusing now on just drawing the unique way each character expresses the basic emotions. I also try to draw the full body expression, and not just the face. Some advice from Nilah Magruder, who creates the comic M.K.F., who I had the pleasure of meeting at CTNx.

What are you working on right now?

See you next time!

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