Hi everyone,

It`s friday, which means I`m on schedule!
I`ll start with a short post about my creative goals for Pencils and Stories for 2012 so you know what you can expect. I hope you readers can get something out of it too and that you will enjoy my scribbles this year:

  1. Make a header image for this blog.
  2. Make a logo for Pencils and Stories.
  3. Make a portfolio.
  4. Finish the concept art, character designs, script, style tests and thumbnails of the actual pages of the Janaija comic
  5. a) Create a buffer with content for the blog for 5 weeks in advance. (I wanted to set the goal to update this blog every friday but I`m not sure I`ll have anything interesting every week, so I don`t want to pin myself down on that one too soon.
    b) Update the blog every two weeks with sketches, articles on art or creative related topics, fan- or guest art and finished pieces or work in progress of my portfolio and Janaija. When I have enough buffer I can hopefully go to once a week.

I also want to be more sociable on the internet by not only consuming, but also contributing to stuff as well. This is a bit of a vague goal that I have to put more thought into.

Phew, that`s a lot of work ahead of me. And I`ve got quite a few other things I must do for my dayjob as well. I`ve made action lists for all of these goals so I`m a little more structured and organized than usual, so I hope I can keep on going with all these things.
What are your goals this year? And how do you plan on following through?
If you need more thought on the subject I can recommend to you some great resources, first is a few posts on the blog of Jon Acuff about his idea FinishYear. There`s practical tips on how to follow through with your goals and articles about why people stop working on their resolutions. Another great resource is the lastest artcast of Chris Oatley. His ideas and practical advice motivated me a lot.

Also, on another note, and a very important one that is: the Comic Creators for Freedom donation drive is going live this monday! You can read about the project in my previous post. Please consider making a donation, any amount counts, and in return you can download an awesome wallpaper! Visit the Comic Creators for Freedom website monday.

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