We hear this a lot: “create every day, make something every day.” What does that mean? And what does that look like?

In the video I talk about things you can do to stay in a creative mindset, even when you’re not in the possibility to create a tangible thing. Watch it here:

Even though working on your craft intentionally and regularly is a very good thing to do, setting goals like: “create every day” is setting yourself up for one day not making your goal.

Want to improve something? Create a project around it with a start- and finish line. (I have a list of 30 tiny projects you can start today here) And when there’s days where it’s impossible to create: try and be in a creative mindset by looking around you with an artist/writer’s eye.

If all else fails. Create awesome moments and relationships.

What will you do in the times you can’t make something but you still have time to do something creative?

Let me know in the comments below!

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