Hello dear readers, I decided it would be best to split the creative prompts masterlist into seperate posts for months, so it`s easier to navigate. These here are the creative prompts I posted in March:

March 2nd: If giraffes lived under water, what would they look like?
March 3rd: Draw/paint/photograph/sculpt the theme “obstacle”
March 4th: Design a workaholic viking character.
March 5th: What does a train station in the dark ages look like?
March 6th: Design the look of a couple of twin tailors who run a business together.

March 9th: Sketch or paint a scene with these words: “soup” “cable” “sign”
March 10th: Design a traffic light for Griffins
March 11th: Design the look of a world made of foam.
March 12th: The floor is lava in the place you were yesterday at 11 am. What does that look like?
March 13th: It’s carnaval in your story or favourite fandom. Draw it.

March 16th: What kind of creatures that hide themselves from us live in greenhouses?
March 17th: Greenhouses are fun. Here’s another prompt with this theme: design a greenhouse castle.
March 18th: Design a plant with the theme “patchwork.”
March 19th: Paint a still life and use the exact opposite colours on the colourwheel than what you see.
March 20th: Look at a photo of you as a baby, draw yourself in the clothes you are wearing there but make it work for you as a grown up.

March 23rd: Design a new mythological creature that doesn’t exists yet with the theme “stars.”
March 24th: Design a dress with the themes “chocolate milk” and “tomatos.”
March 25th: There’s a new superhero in town with the power of what you do for a living x10. Design him/her.
March 26th: Make a world of the thing you loved to do as a child.
March 27th: Design a little monster that lives in little baskets.

March 30th: Design a fence to make sure your pet werewolf doesn’t leave the yard.
March 31st: Design a puddle of something that is a gateway to another world.

For all the months you can go to the masterlist.

As always, if you use any of these I`d love to see them! @ me on Twitter or let me know on Facebook and in your posts, tag it with #promptresult or #pencilsandstories

Have fun!

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