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Here are the creative prompts I posted in June. I hope these ideas will inspire a warm-up, sketch, illustration, painting, sculpture or whatever you like to make! Feel free to also use these to come up with your own ideas.

June 1st: What does school look like for a group of young Ents?
June 2nd: Pick your favourite colour, make a monochromatic self-portrait with that colour.
June 3rd: Draw an owl doing what you were doing yesterday at 3 pm.
June 4th: What is a song that you can’t get out of your head at times? Draw the title of that song.
June 5th: Draw the costume for a scarecrow going to a secret meeting. (Show, don’t tell, what kind of a meeting it is)

June 8th: Find a picture of your favourite place and turn it into a different climate while keeping it recognizable for you.
June 9th: Draw/paint a bridge over the sea in between two islands.
June 10th: Take a piece of art you like and recreate it in a different medium, format and/or genre.
June 11th: Change the species of the main character of the last book or comic you read. Draw him/her/them.
June 12th: Design the look and outfits for a team of golem cheerleaders.

June 15th: Draw or paint a bee that has drunk a magic potion, make clear what the potion did to it.
June 16th: What would you do if you were locked into your favourite shop after closing hours? Draw/paint it.
June 17th: Design a modern vehicle in the style of the Renaissance.
June 18th: If your house now stood in the lost kingdom of Atlantis what would it look like?
June19th: Make a drawing, painting, sculpture with these words: “pig” “coffee” “Eiffeltower”

June 22nd: Design a boat can sail a sea of lava.
June 23rd: What did you eat last night for dinner? Design a costume based on that.
June 24th: Draw or paint a tree that has something else instead of leafs.
June 25th: How would a dragon dress if it wants to audition for a role in a Shakespeare play? Draw it.
June 26th: Find a name for a place on a map that conjures up an image in your head and draw/paint it.

June 29th: Take your favourite animal and favourite fictional character and mash them together
June 30th: Paint or draw a secret garden where everything but the plants is made from bricks.

To see the creative prompts for other months you can go to Creative Prompt Master List

As always, if you use any of these for a creative endeavour I`d love to see the results! @ me on Twitter or let me know on Facebook and in your posts, tag it with #promptresult or #pencilsandstories

Have fun!

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