Creative prompts July
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Hello readers!

Here are the creative prompts I posted in July. I hope these ideas will inspire a warm-up, sketch, illustration, painting, sculpture or whatever you like to make! Feel free to also use these to come up with your own different ideas.

So far a few people have actually done some creative prompts, thank you all for participating! I want to show them all off here.
I`m going to figure out a way to showcase your stuff since I`d love to see a gallery of all your awesome stuff.
Anyway, here they are:

Jason Crawford was absolutely on a roll and has drawn Zombie mice, an owl doing what he did a day before, some nice winter clothing for a chilly octopus, and his dog with superpowers.
Hannah has made a monochrome portrait of one of her characters. (so beautiful!)
A.C. Mickey figured out what would happen if her workday was part of an adventure book (she`d find spiders giving her riddles) and she has designed a bug that hides in suitcases to travel the world. (I`d love to find that bug in my suitcase anytime) as well as the Loch Ness family on a holiday.
Andrew Warman has also drawn his activities for the day very epicly. (kick those questions in the face!)
Austin Shurtliff has designed a fairy made of concrete. (I love how texture-ly she is!)

I really hope I didn`t forget any. 🙂 Thanks again everyone!

Here are the prompts of July:

July 1st: Design a creature with the theme “sugar.”
July 2nd: Design the interior of a massage salon for witches.
July 3rd: Design creatures that love to hang around gas stations and make it clear why.

July 6th: Make a fantasy version of Venice, Italy.
July 7th: Where do zebra’s go on a holiday and what do they wear? Draw/paint it.
July 8th: Design a hedge that is dangerous to walk past and make clear why.
July 9th: Draw the Loch Ness monster in another lake somewhere as a tourist.
July 10th: Design a volcano creature.

July 13th: Draw what you’ll be doing today really epicly like it’s part of an adventure book.
July 14th: Draw a little wherewolf having their birthday. How do they celebrate?
July 15th: Draw a creature that hides in suitcases so it can travel the world.
July 16th: Design the costume for a cab driver in a literal ghost town.
July 17th: Draw a train station that has a fairy infestation.

July 20th: Design a very enchanting and magical place that’s also a prison.
July 21st: Create a logo for a group of cavemen that have started a business. Show what the business is.
July 22nd: Design the presenters of “enchanted forest radio”
July 23rd: Draw/paint a Latin dance party for vampires.
July 24th: Design a fantasy creature based on the New Zealand Kiwi bird.

July 27th: Draw a little child’s version of a sphinx.
July 28th: Draw/paint a moment from your favourite kind of dream.
July 29th: raw a shot from a video clip you like in your favourite art style.
July 30th: Design a treehouse made of another material than wood.
July 31st: Design a really clean and digital-age environment for dwarves.

Bonus creative prompt: draw what you think could be behind this box:

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(pretty sure it`s an elevator in renovation, but where`s the fun in that)

To see the creative prompts for other months you can go to Creative Prompt Master List

As always, if you use any of these for a creative endeavour I`d love to see the results! @ me on Twitter or let me know on Facebook and in your posts, tag it with #promptresult or #pencilsandstories

Have fun!

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