Hello dear readers, I decided it would be best to split the creative prompts masterlist into seperate posts for months, so it`s easier to navigate. These here are the creative prompts I posted in February:

February 2nd: Make a drawing/painting with these words: “jungle” “hairspray” “chair.”
February 3rd: Take a kind of flower and make a house/building/hut etc based on it.
February 4th: Take a map from somewhere you’ve never been before, study it, then draw how you think it looks. (just for fun: look at streetview afterwards how it actually looks)
February 5th: Draw/paint/etc. “distinction.”
February 6th: If Cupid had something other than bow and arrow, what could it be?

February 9th: Design something based on “set of four” Whatever it is, show that it`s part of a set.
February 10th: what would your pet, or an animal you saw at the zoo, or online look like as a human?
February11th: Design a house, street or landscape based on your favourite brand.
February 12th: Design a prison for ghosts.
February 13th: Design a whole new form of transportation (doesn`t have to be actually possible).

February 16th: Design the flag for a country of stone giants.
February 17th: Paint or draw a city environment that would be ideal for frogs.
February 18th: Draw or paint a scene with the theme “liquid”.
February 19th: Draw the most interesting lightbulb that means “I just got a brilliant idea.”
February 20th: What does a tea monster look like?

February 23th: Design some houses based on the shapes of sushi.
February 24th: A rubber duck goes to a party. How does it dress itself?
February 25th: Design a dragon’s cocktail drink in a fitting glass.
February 26th: Make a drawing/painting in which something reflects in the water in an unisual way.
February 27th: Make a train interior for a train that exists in the prehistory.

The post for January can be found here.
For all the months you can eventually go to the masterlist.

As always, if you use any of these I`d love to see them! @ me on Twitter or let me know on Facebook and in your posts, tag it with #promptresult or #pencilsandstories

Have a great week!

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