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How to Start a Comic

The ultimate guide to start, develop and create your own comic from scratch.

Ideal for longer comic projects, this course allows you to work at your own pace alongside a Discord community of fellow comic artists.

From ideas to writing your story, designing your characters and world and then creating your comic pages. Everything you need for your comic is in here.

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Story Coaching

Story coaching helps artists working on story-based projects and aspiring writers finish their stories so they can turn it into a full fledged project.

Turn your story into a meaningful narrative that will delight your audience.

Click on the button below to learn more and to book a call with me to see how I can help you:

Your Comic Journey banner

Your Comic Journey

Your Comic Journey will take you from blank page to a finished short comic in 10 weeks.

This is my live group program that opens a few times each year. Every week there is a new lesson and a live meet up with your group where you get feedback on your comic’s progress that week

Dive head-first into making comics and see if it’s for you.

Small masterclasses

You can get these masterclasses in two ways: through Skillshare or by buying them one by one, directly.

Skillshare has a yearly subscription service. You can get a one month free trial through the links below. Cancel your subscription before the month is over to prevent being charged. If you like Skillshare and you get the subscription I will get a commission for that.

Create an Action Plan for Your Comic Project

Create an Action Plan for Your Comic Project

In this class, we will turn your wishes and ideas for your new comic into practical goals and actions. By the end of the last lesson you will have a full action plan for your large comic project. And you can start creating your comic immediately.

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