The headline of this blogpost is the new title of my comic project formerly known as “Reminiscence.”

I present to you:

The previous title was too generic. And after some Googling I found out it`s also a jewellery brand and a remembrance project in numerous countries and for numerous causes. Another comic also used the exact same title already. Even though it`s on hiatus for a while and has few pages, I still felt uncomfortable about it.

So it was time for a change.

It was hard, because I was already attached to the title and it fitted my project perfectly. How do you change something that already feels done?

I wanted something that invoked the same feelings of remembering for me but was also a bit more mysterious and less on the nose.

Finding a title for a comic

This title took way longer to find than the previous one. I have pages and pages full of words I like, phrases that held the same meaning, invoked the same emotions as the word “Reminiscence” did, I wrote different wordings to my story`s theme and events and did some word play.

It took a long time but all the while I tried to try and go with the process and trust that it would eventually come to me, just like I felt about my character designs.
After all this a handful of words “felt” right and out of this came “Recollection City.”

I feel it captures what I wanted out of it and it`s a bit more original and mysterious. I ran the title by some friends and fellow artists and the feedback I got about what kind of reactions it invoked were spot on.

I still haven`t completely switched over to it in my mind, I have some letting go to do still. But I do like the new title and even have reserved the domain name already so it`s mine now. 😀

Ever felt like you had to let go of something you liked in your art or work? Was the change for the better?

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