short comic story thumbnail

Short comics are really amazing because they help you make more comics in a year. They also allow you to try out a lot of different kinds of comics, a lot of different styles, a lot of different styles of storytelling in a shorter amount of time. It’s also great…

Get yourself to start your comic - thumbnail

So you want to start a comic, or a webcomic, but you feel overwhelmed by all that you need to do? So up until this point, you haven’t started yet? You are not alone. In fact, I was the exact same way years ago. Starting, then running into obstacles. Trying…

How not to get distracted by other comic ideas thumbnail

I think many artists know this feeling: Too many ideas!

Especially when you’re working on a longer creative project, like a comic, other story ideas will pop up in our heads.

What do we do with these ideas? Do we push them away? Or do we run with our ideas and try and cram in the time to make everything we want to make?

I can tell you that there’s a way to keep nurturing those new ideas without necessarily taking massive action on them. That is what this article is about.

Making webcomics: Traditional vs digital

This is the associated blogpost that goes with this Youtube video: Nowadays, we have many tools at our disposal to make comics. There’s all kinds of materials, tools, programs and apps. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices that we need to make when we start out.…