Shapes and colour: birdsketches

This week I experimented with shape and how different shapes give a different feel to a design. I tried to repeat the shapes within the design too. I used the theme “birds.” I hope you like them:

2015 02 birdsketchesI also found a few markers that I thought were a nice colour palette together. So I experimented with colour too and how they could enhance the design. They were very limiting so it was a challenge. I tried to use them all in most bird designs. I also practised my inking again. Still a lot of work to do in that area.

As with the last few weeks, I added the latest creative prompts to the master list.


  1. Like them? I LOVE them! What an overload of PURE CUTENESS!
    And great colours too! 😀

    • pencilsandstories/Henrike Reply

      Haha thanks sis! You probably saw some familiair shapes there right?

      • Yes, especially the first bird reminds me of someone. 😉 And glasses bird, he’s just awesome!

  2. Jessica Brannan Reply

    These are wonderful! I love the color choices and the designs are so varied from bird to bird, it’s fantastic! My only bit of advice is try drawing verbs instead of nouns. The theme of birds is good, but maybe have a bird doing more than just fly around. You can see this starting with the angry bird on the perch, he definitely has an attitude and is not happy. Makes me laugh! But branch out and maybe draw a bird hanging upside down, or maybe two types of the same bird with different designs interacting with each other the way birds generally do. This will give more personality to your designs and make them shine even more. Also, just wanted to say that I absolutely love the design of the third from the left, top row. Looks like he just flew in from South America! Keep up the great work, can’t wait to see more designs! And I absolutely love your blog. 😀

    • pencilsandstories/Henrike Reply

      Hi Jessica, thanks for visiting and for your comment! I’m glad you like the birds. And wow you hit the nail on the head with your critique! This is what I always get for feedback and what I always forget haha. Will definately try and keep it in mind for the next time. I like how you put it: “drawing verbs instead of nouns.” That’s going on my wall. 🙂
      The like the bird you mentioned too, I call him “easter egg bird” haha.
      Thanks so much for your kind comments. Your blog looks very interesting too. Must read it!

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