Ah, audience building. We post our work online, we retweet other people’s artwork and tell our peers how much we love their work.

Yet we look at those accounts that have tons of followers and we wonder: why am I still stuck at 100 followers? Is there something wrong with my art? Should I post more, make more? Am I boring!??

The truth is: it’s hard to get noticed.

I sometimes even see people with amazing artwork with a small following.

Growing your following online can be a puzzle. And every now and then it requires changing our techniques because of the ever changing landscape of the internet. But some things do not change.

In this video I will share some tips on how to start growing your following online, based on my own experiences:

As you can see, it’s all about starting to notice opportunities and jumping on them.

And about building those relationships, not with the intention of immediately getting something out of them, but they might lead to opportunities down the road.

The people you meet online can teach you so much. Whole communities can form around the things we like and want. And it surely makes the internet more fun.

The world wide web can feel like one of those market squares where everyone is screaming all at once at the people walking by to buy their stuff. Imagine being there, stopping, walking up to someone and start a conversation. You not only increase your changes of making a true connection, but you are actually having a good time as well.

To get noticed you either have to have amazing artwork that is eye catching. Or…you have to talk to people who might like what you do or who will come to like you as a person.

If you want people to follow you, you have to talk to them first.

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