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Setting art goals 5: reflection and celebration

Composition can make meaningful connections between shots and story points for you, without you ever having to use a word of dialogue.

We’re down to the last day of the series “setting your art goals for 2019.”

This last video is very important to help you be in this for the long game! It’s about celebration, reflection and maintenance of your action plan.

When we set milestones we have a sense of progress. 

It also creates a nice moment for us reflect on our past experience. This helps us optimize our process, to increase what works for us and to learn from our mistakes.

And when you reach a milestone, celebration is very important as well.
For three reasons:

  • It keeps your morale up
  • It increases your artistic confidence
  • It makes working on your art even more fun! 

And why wouldn’t you pat yourself on the back and share your wins? Preferably with the people who support you. And if that is hard, tag me on social media (@pencils_stories on Twitter and @pencilsandstories on Instagram) and tell me you got a win so I can cheer for you and celebrate with you!

Watch the video and put the final touches to your action plan for 2019:

Thank you all so much for following along! I can’t wait to see what you will create in 2019! If there’s any questions left, please leave them in the comments below!

You can still register for the workshop “start your creative 2019 with a bang!” on January 7th here:

We will talk about how to successfully plan your week, you can ask me questions directly and you will get a bonus mini-course, that I will make in the first quarter of 2019, for free.

Here is the overview of the full program of last week:

  • Monday: video 1 – What do you want in 2019?
  • Tuesday: video 2 – Creating goals you can finish 
  • Wednesday: video 3 – Setting yourself up for success
  • Thursday: video 4 – When things get tough
  • Friday: video 5 – Celebrating and maintenance

You can watch all of the videos here on the website or access the Youtube playlist here.

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