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Setting art goals 4: when things get tough

We have now set ourselves up so we can start working on our goals. But all our lives have seasons and unexpected events that happen. What do we do when the going gets tough? No system is bullet proof, but one thing we can do is prepare for the things we know we will run into.

Welcome back!

Today is all about preparation.

Things will get hard, motivation will dwindle. How can you prepare yourself for these moments?

We all have weak spots and strong points. 

It’s good to have knowledge of them so we can set emergency actions in place for when we know it might get hard.

And then we can use our strong points to let them work in our favour. 

This video will guide you through making these lists and create an emergency plan, for two reasons:

  • It saves brainspace to not have to think of solutions when you find yourself already in a tight spot.
  • It reduces the surprise factor.Instead of “what is wrong with me!?” You can tell yourself: “Oh, it’s one of those days. I knew this would happen.”

Watch the video here:

Here is an overview of the full program of this week:

  • Monday: video 1 – What do you want in 2019?
  • Tuesday: video 2 – Creating goals you can finish 
  • Wednesday: video 3 – Setting yourself up for success
  • Thursday: video 4 – When things get tough
  • Friday: video 5 – Celebrating and maintenance

You can watch all of the videos here on the website or access the playlist where I’ll add the upcoming videos to here.

Remember to register for the workshop, I’m excited to see what you will do in 2019!

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