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Setting art goals 3: set yourself up for success

We have now set ourselves up so we can start working on our goals. But all our lives have seasons and unexpected events that happen. What do we do when the going gets tough? No system is bullet proof, but one thing we can do is prepare for the things we know we will run into.

Welcome back!

You’re almost done with your new plan!

Over the last few days we have found our main focus; our destination. And we know which goals we need to hit to get there!

Now all we need is to take regular action to keep ourselves going and on track. But how do we fit these (new) projects into our lives?

Today’s video is all about turning your goals into actions.

The best way to do that is working with what you have and who you are.

We’re going to look into the pieces of your life that are already there, what actions to take, and how to rearrange them to fit them together.

And we will look into how you can make actions that are actionable.

Watch the video that guides you through the process here:

Now, take out your planner and some paper and pens, we will be making actions today!

I mention a past video I did in today’s video. It’s about starting your personal projects. You can find that here.

It is a bit of a puzzle, so don’t expect this to become a perfect system. 

Working with what you have also means working with what comes your way. But we will talk more about that last part tomorrow. 😉

Thanks for tuning in. We’re over halfway done!
Here is an overview of the full program of this week:

  • Monday: video 1 – What do you want in 2019?
  • Tuesday: video 2 – Creating goals you can finish 
  • Wednesday: video 3 – Setting yourself up for success
  • Thursday: video 4 – When things get tough
  • Friday: video 5 – Celebrating and maintenance

You can watch all of the videos here on the website or access the playlist where I’ll add the upcoming videos to here.

Remember to register for the workshop, I’m excited to see what you will do in 2019!

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