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Setting art goals 2: create goals you can finish

We usually have many intentions and goals. But not every goal we set is something we can finish. This video helps you create goals that have a beginning and ending and that propel you into action.

Welcome back!

Now that we have found our focus (our main destination) we now want to reverse engineer that bigger outcome so we know which path to take to get there.

In today’s video I talk about how to set goals that:

  • Have a clear finish line.
  • Are specific enough so you know when you have finished the goal.
  • Challenge you.

By the end of the video you will have a set of goals that serve as guide posts on your road to your big artistic destination.

Watch it here:

Tomorrow we will talk about actions and how to fit these into your daily life. I hope you join me.

Also, I’d love it if you attended the workshop on January 7th. Click here for more info and to register:

Thanks for tuning in. Three more videos to come!
Here is an overview of the full program of this week:

  • Monday: video 1 – What do you want in 2019?
  • Tuesday: video 2 – Creating goals you can finish 
  • Wednesday: video 3 – Setting yourself up for success
  • Thursday: video 4 – When things get tough
  • Friday: video 5 – Celebrating and maintenance

You can watch all of the videos here on the website or access the playlist where I’ll add the upcoming videos to here.

Remember to register for the workshop, I’m excited to see what you will do in 2019!

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