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Setting art goals 1: what do you want in 2019?

We are going to pick a focus from all the possible ideas and current projects you probably have. Focus ensures that you can work on something smarter and finish faster.

Welcome back! Today is the first day of the 5-day series about planning your artistic 2019.

Who recognizes this?
You make a list of things you want to do, habits you want to develop. And then, after a month, maybe two, you look at your list and you realize you’ve fallen off the bandwagon.

This is how I lived for a long time. 

It wasn’t until I realized I needed to get serious about the thing I want to work on that I was able to break this habit of going into my projects half-heartedly. 

I actively set an intention of making a thing. I picked a dream to work towards and then actively planned it and integrated it into my life. 

I was able to set goals I could accomplish and that is how I started my comic, Recollection City, and my Youtube channel.

This is what this video is about. Not about my history with goal setting, but about YOUR future goals. 

But where do we start when we want to set goals? 

Until you realize where you want to be headed, you can not set out a clear path. 

To reach your destination you first need to know where you’re going. 

Watch todays video that will guide you through this process:

This week’s program:

  • Monday: video 1 – What do you want in 2019?
  • Tuesday: video 2 – Creating goals you can finish 
  • Wednesday: video 3 – Setting yourself up for success
  • Thursday: video 4 – When things get tough
  • Friday: video 5 – Celebrating and maintenance

You can watch all of the videos here on the website or access the playlist where I’ll add the upcoming videos to here.

Remember to register for the workshop, I’m excited to see what you will do in 2019!

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