Welcome to Pencils & Stories! My name is Henrike Dijkstra and I make and teach (web)comics.

If you’re looking to make your own comics then you’ve definitely come to the right place!

On this website you can find blogposts and resources. I also have a Youtube channel where I weekly post a new video. 

Here’s my channel’s trailer:

I make an ongoing webcomic myself: Recollection City, my colourful adventure comic about friendship and finding the courage to make the really tough choices in life.

Recollection City

I also teach courses that help artists make their own comics. Currently: How to start a Comic which is self paced course to fully develop your comic idea from scratch all the way to finished pages. And Your Comic Journey, a live, mentored course about how to make comic pages that will take you from blank page to a finished short comic.

I am passionate about helping artists make their own comics, because I know how much joy it brings to make something of your own and bring it out into the world.

And I know what it feels like to have lost that ability.

fox image - sick

Before I did all this I was art blocked, for years.

I had all kinds of ideas and dreams, but they wouldn’t come out. I was so stuck I wondered if I had ever truly been an artist, or just a hack.

After taking a great online art class that helped me get started on art again, and after meeting a lot of other artists who had the same struggles as me, I slowly crawled out of my art block. I started creating again and grew my confidence.

And fast forward a few years later I finally realized my dream of making a long form webcomic.

And I want to help you create your comics too. Comics that, over time, will help you reach your creative goals.

You fell in love with art and stories at one point in your life. And you have the drive to create stories, worlds and characters of your own. Stories that touch people’s hearts.

But working from home on your own can make these projects daunting.

You don’t have to do it alone. My dream for Pencils and Stories is that it will grow, not just into THE resource for creating your own comics, but also that it will turn into a community of comics artists who support and encourage each other to create and complete their own stories.

The world always needs more stories.

To help you get started, I have created a checklist that will help you create your comic from scratch:

It is an exclusive bonus for my email list subscribers. I email my list weekly with updates about new videos and posts, resources I find and use, combined with other extras, like PDFs and discounts for new products in my shop.