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Henrike Dijkstra
My name is Henrike Dijkstra, I’m a comic artist, writer and blogger from the Netherlands. I make Recollection City, my half-victorian adventure comic about friendship and finding the courage to make tough choices. It updates every week.

Recollection City launch image
I also blogged weekly here, on P&S.com, before for more than a year. I shared about how Recollection City came to be, about my struggles and how to be more productive.

I am very passionate about this subject because before I did all this I was art blocked, for years. I had all kinds of ideas and dreams, but they couldn’t come out. I had been writing and drawing all my life, so this was a hugely frustrating time in my life. I wondered if I would ever come out of it.

fox image - sick

After taking a great online art class that helped me get started on art projects and after meeting a lot of other artists who had the same struggles as me I slowly crawled out of my art block, started creating again and grew my confidence. And fast forward a few years later I finally realized my dream of making a long form webcomic.

And I want to help you do the same. (Okay, maybe not with a webcomic. But with your own personal art and story projects!)

Ever since I was a kid I consumed countless stories. I read books and comics and watched all the cartoons on tv. When I was six I saw Disney’s Little Mermaid and that made me fall in love with animated feature films. I was very aware that Ariel was made by someone, that she wasn’t real. That started a life long wish to create characters, stories and worlds that moved me like Disney movies did.

I know a lot of you fellow artists have some sort of experience like this. And a lot of you have the same drive to create stories, worlds and characters of your own, stories that touch people’s hearts. But working from home on your own can make these projects daunting.

You don’t have to do it alone. My dream for Pencils and Stories is that it will grow, not just into THE resource for getting your own story projects done but also that it will turn into a great community of artists supporting and encouraging each other to create and complete their projects.
Because the world always needs more stories.

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