Hi, welcome to Pencils & Stories, the place to learn the steps to create and promote your own visual story projects, which you can use to reach your creative goals.

Not only is it fun to make your own creative projects, it can also help you improve your art skills, find your creative voice, grow your following online and attract the right clients.

Over the course of the coming time I want to turn this website into a increasingly better resource on everything “personal project” related.

Henrike Dijkstra

My name is Henrike Dijkstra. I’m a comic artist, teacher and writer from the Netherlands.

I make Recollection City, my colourful adventure comic about friendship and finding the courage to make tough choices. I have also taught the Your Comic Journey course and am currently available for one on one mentorship.

I am passionate about helping artists make their own projects, because I know how much joy it brings to make something of your own and bring it out into the world.

And I know what it feels like to have lost that ability.

Before I did all this I was art blocked, for years. 

fox image - sick

I had all kinds of ideas and dreams, but they wouldn’t come out. I had been writing and drawing all my life, so this was an incredibly frustrating time. I wondered if I had ever truly been an artist or just a hack.

After taking a great online art class that helped me get started on art projects again, and after meeting a lot of other artists who had the same struggles as me, I slowly crawled out of my art block. I started creating again and grew my confidence.

And fast forward a few years later I finally realized my dream of making a long form webcomic. A process that inspired other artists and that helped me grow this business.

Recollection City launch image

And I want to help you create your personal projects too. Projects that, over time, will help you reach your creative goals.

You fell in love with art and stories at one point in your life. And you have the drive to create stories, worlds and characters of your own. Stories that touch people’s hearts. 

But working from home on your own can make these projects daunting.

You don’t have to do it alone. My dream for Pencils and Stories is that it will grow, not just into THE resource for creating your own art and story projects, but also that it will turn into a community of artists who support and encourage each other to create and complete their projects.

The world always needs more stories.

To help you get started I have made an e-books that sums up the things that were the most influential for me in overcoming my art block and growing my confidence.

exclusive ebook_my 10 biggest tips for successful personal projects

It is an exclusive bonus for my email list subscribers. I email my list weekly with extra content and inspiration. Become part of the community of email list subscribers here and the e-book will be send to your inbox!

Feel free to look around and connect with me through email or on social media. Happy art making!