Hi! I'm Henrike

 I’m a storyteller who helps other people understand story. My own preference for telling stories is through comics. But story applies to all creative projects.

You might know me from my webcomic, Recollection City. Or maybe you have seen some videos on my Youtube channel, read the blogposts on this website, or perhaps you even did story coaching or a comics course of mine.

If you’re new: welcome! If you’re looking to create your own stories, in whatever form you want to tell them, then you’ve definitely come to the right place!



if you're interested in making comics:

Making a comic can seem daunting. But if you figure out the steps of making a comic and then take it one step at a time you will eventually end up with a finished comic.

Blogposts and Youtube videos

I write regular blogposts on Pencils & Stories.com and also have a Youtube channel where I upload weekly videos about storytelling and making comics.

My latest blogposts are below:

short comic story thumbnail

How to create a short comic story

Short comics are really amazing because they help you make more comics in a year. They also allow you to try out a lot of different kinds of comics, a lot of different styles, a lot of different styles of storytelling in a shorter amount of time. It's also great to...
Get yourself to start your comic - thumbnail

How to start a comic when you’re overwhelmed

So you want to start a comic, or a webcomic, but you feel overwhelmed by all that you need to do? So up until this point, you haven't started yet? You are not alone. In fact, I was the exact same way years ago. Starting, then running into obstacles. Trying to find a...
How not to get distracted by other comic ideas thumbnail

How not to get distracted by other (comic) ideas

I think many artists know this feeling: Too many ideas!

Especially when you’re working on a longer creative project, like a comic, other story ideas will pop up in our heads.

What do we do with these ideas? Do we push them away? Or do we run with our ideas and try and cram in the time to make everything we want to make?

I can tell you that there’s a way to keep nurturing those new ideas without necessarily taking massive action on them. That is what this article is about.

Ivory from the webcomic Recollection City
Recollection City promotional image
Henrike drawing in cafe

How I Became a storyteller, comic artist and teacher

I am passionate about helping artists and writers tell their own stories.

Back in 2009, before I made comics, blogs, videos and courses I became severely art blocked… for years.

I had all kinds of ideas and dreams, but they wouldn’t come out. I
was so stuck I wondered if I had ever truly been an artist, or just a

After taking a great online art class that helped me get started on
art again, and after meeting a lot of other artists who had the same
struggles as me, I slowly crawled out of my art block. I started
creating again and grew my confidence. I studied story, art, productivity and comics.

And fast forward a few years later I finally realized my dream of making a long form webcomic. That is Recollection City.

Maybe you recognize yourself in my story. Or you are stuck in other ways in your creative journey. That’s why I’m here.



My goal for Pencils & Stories

I want to help you create your own stories too. Stories your future fans will discover and love and that will help you reach your creative goals.

You fell in love with art and/or stories at one point in your life. And you have the drive to create stories, worlds and characters of your own. Stories that touch people’s hearts.

But working from home on your own can make these projects daunting.

You don’t have to do it alone. My dream for Pencils and Stories is that it will grow, not just into THE resource for creating your own stories, but also that it will turn into a community of artists and writers who support and encourage each other to create and complete their own stories.

The world always needs more stories.

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