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Plans for the rest of 2019

My updates might be a bit spotty for the rest of 2019. I will share my current plans in this blogpost. And share why I believe breaks can actually good for your art and your career.

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The first half of 2019 was tough. Every candle was burning at every end.

I had health problems and was in a lot of pain. I experienced some financial trouble; had a lot of stuff breaking and a ton of health bills, so I had to go and find more work.

I also had not been doing well in terms of mental and emotional health over the last few years. I experienced a lot of anxiety and had tiny signs of depression. I was still sorting all of that out with my therapist.

Doing Recollection City kept me sane and I loved to finally relaunch this website and start a new endeavour through my Youtube channel. I still want to eventually switch from interpreting to working full time, as an artist helping other artists make comics.

With my problems accumulating in the first half of 2019 I had less and less energy to spend and most of it went into interpreting and then afterwards collapsing at home.

I felt God telling me to rest, every time I would pray. But up until now I’ve been stubborn, trying to believe that “resting” meant doing fun stuff. And Recollection City and Pencils & Stories were “fun.”

But then, a month ago, I lost my little niece. And my world collapsed. Every single ounce of creativity left my body and all I could do for a few weeks was survive.

I feel like I am coming back to the land of “normal life” now, and stronger than ever. My mental health is my absolute number one priority right now. (I know my history and these events mean “be careful” so that’s what I’m trying to look out for. )
I also have to keep working to keep my head above water finiancially. So I’m putting in a lot of time there.

But mostly, I have found that doing mundane tasks, taking care of myself, decluttering my hourse and creating some order in the chaos that is my life is the most healing thing for me right now. I spend a week just doing administration, fixing the ceiling in my bathroom and cooking while watching “Let’s Play Myst” and BTS videos, and it felt really good. I also need to see my friends often to talk and do fun activities with. And I need to do self reflection and not run away from what I’m feeling.

You know how, when you spend a lot of time working on something that is important to you, some other things move to the backburner more? Taking breaks, making good food, sleep, seeing your friends, exercise…or just sitting down with a good book?

I do believe that this eventually hurts that thing you’re working so hard to accomplish.

Not taking breaks ensures you eventually have to stop drawing because of pain.

Not sleeping well will eventually make you sick and then you’re not available at all.

Not pausing to reflect can cause you to make the same mistake over and over again without you even realising. It can cause you frustration, cost you time or even money.

It’s hard to press pause. I want to fulfill my dream of switching careers. I want to finish my comic. I feel like you’re all waiting for stuff. If my new video will do well and then I drop off the radar again, will Youtube punish me by not recommending my videos elsewhere? Will I disappear into social media oblivion again when I take a break?

But I NEED that break. I need to not feel the pressure to update for a while.

There is a time for working your hardest and there is a time to rest and heal.

For me, the rest of 2019 will be a time of rest.

I might sporadically update my Youtube, social media and comic up until the point where I’ll be fully back to create regular content and have a consistent update schedule. I will do my best to come back stronger than I have ever been. I don’t plan on going anywhere.

When I get back I will have a Recollection City buffer again, I will open a Gumroad shop and I will start giving my course again. In the meantime I am available for one on one mentoring, if you’re looking into something like that. Go to this page to check that out.

Thanks so much for your patience and let me know in the comments: is it go time for you, or is it a time of rest and restoration?

I hope, whatever it is, that you’ll be well and that we’ll stay in touch! See you later in the year!

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