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Do you want to make a comic? But you don’t know where to start?

I’ve been where you are, so I created this website to help you get your comic out of your head, onto paper and into the world, in front of more people.

The world always needs more stories. Why not add yours?

– Henrike

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Pencils & Stories is on Youtube! New videos every Thursday.

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Recource list

I have compiled a big list of all the books, articles, Youtube channels, courses and videos helped me out of a years long art block, helped me improve my artwork and make and promote my own comics.

Your Comic Journey online mentored course

My course!

In my mentored course “Your Comic Journey” we will make short comic in 10 weeks. Starting with a blank page, all the way to figuring out what you want to be doing with comics. Get a roadmap for the entire comic process.
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Next to my Youtube channel, I also write the occasional blogpost. I have been writing on this website since 2012, so there’s a lot of articles about me making my comic and the things I ran into, as well as newer articles.

My Gumroad shop

I have a shop where you can buy more extensive PDF’s, courses and resources to start, make and promote your own comic online.
The website has both free and paid resources.