Taking small steps to more creativity

Hello, I am Henrike Dijkstra, comic artist, writer and blogger.
I make posts and videos about the small steps I have taken to get more creative and get work done on my personal projects.

I have experienced a long period of not being able to create, feeling incredibly held back and blocked. In those years I have learned a lot about productivity, procrastination, the importance of community and about how best to work on big personal projects

and slowly, over time, I have learned to uncover my roadblocks and get through them.

I am now working on several projects and I am moving forward again.

I would love to share the knowledge I gained, in the hope that other people can overcome their own roadblocks, be more confident in their abilities, create more, finish their projects, and get enthusiastic about the creative process in general.

I will upload one video a month to my Youtube channel, with an associated blogpost here on the website that will sum up the most important points.

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Always feel free to shoot me a message here through the form below, or via social media.

And for your own creative journey, remember: you can always take a small step forward. That’s all it takes.

– Henrike